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John 15:1-8


Our mission is to provide a place for every young adult to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.  We strive to connect and engage young adults within our church and community to promote spiritual growth and integration of their faith into their daily lives. Our programs provide opportunities to fellowship and grow together through worship, transformational bible study, service and social activities.  We welcome all young adults from 18-40ish regardless of church affiliation, race, gender, marital or social status. 

Three Life Groups, but One Ministry.  Growing as disciples with life experiences,

becoming a more stronger and equipped discipleship for the Lord.

This ministry is geared towards 3 target groups:

  1. Students:  Rising twelfth graders, Undergraduate and Graduate College Students (Age: 18+)

  2. Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs: Young adults who are preparing or have joined the work force in any capacity. (Age 18-40ish)

  3. Single or Married Young Adults (Age 18-40ish)












Ministry Name:  CONNECT – Scripture Reference:  John 15:1-8

  1. CONNECT Bible Study and Sunday School Class – We believe the Bible contains insight and instruction relevant to every area of our life.   Through joint study, young adults connect with their peers to study relevant bible teaching and share their perspectives, lessons and resources for life application.   

  2. The Gathering - An opportunity for young adults to come together to share God’s love through participation in various events that include worship services, social activities, outreach and missions. 

  3. College Life Ministries – Our College Life ministry is designed to embrace, equip and empower rising and current college students in their Christian journey through dialogue, mentorship/discipleship, bible study and social engagement.   

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