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As we continued to move forward with our five-year theme in 2019 MOBILIZING FOR MINISTRY, REFRESHING THE OLD AND EMERGING THE NEW WITH WORD, WORSHIP AND WITNESS preparing for 2020 with a church calendar and church yearbook for 2020, Coronavirus 2019 began  in the United States early 2020. As a church, we were forced to close our doors to the sanctuary. No in person services at Sixth Baptist were held in the sanctuary from February 2020 to the Sunday before Easter, 2022. Covid 19 was a killer virus. In the United States alone as of July 1st, 2023, total reported cases: 99, 534,791. Total deaths in the United States as of July 1st, 2023, from Coronavirus is 1,103,547. From March 2020 Pastor Bibbs always had a worship service on Sunday mornings via YouTube,and Facebook. Trustee Howard Glen provided worship music by way of previously recorded SBC Choirs, Soloists, and media choices. Pastor Bibbs preached and taught from her computer in her home study and never missed  a Sunday and served communion virtually every fourth Sunday. Rev. Tracy Clark our Minister of Communications and Church Music Lead made various marketing flyers to share on our website, every week and still doing the same in 2023. Because of the love and support of the Deacons, many of them participated in worship and studies virtually as though we were in person along with our ministerial staff.

The virus made us recognize that God is everywhere and should be honored first in everything within our lives. God revealed His will for the world by reminding us that HE IS THE FIRST AND THE LAST, THE BEGINNING AND THE END. GOD REMINDED THE WORLD, THAT HE IS STILL IN CHARGE. AS A CHURCH FAMILY WE SHALL ALWAYS REMEMBER. We held outside PARK AND PRAISE Sunday worship, and we continued even after the Coronavirus pandemic in the church parking lot as the weather permitted along with a DJ playing selected music by our music ministry. Church School never missed a Sunday as well. We changed our service time to 10 a.m. and church school for all ages to 8:30 A.M. Classes are still going strong; in 2023 even though we are worshipping by live streaming and in person in the church sanctuary. THE CHURCH SANCTUARY DOORS WE CLOSED, BUT WE NEVER CLOSED OR STOPPED HAVING SERVICES. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. We are still going strong.  BIBLE REFLECTION IS EVERY MONDAY BY REV. JOE YOUNG OUR MINISTER OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION AT 7 p.m., BIBLE READING EVERY TUESDAY AT 12:00 NOON BY MRS. PATRICIA FLEMING, MOTIVATIONAL MOMENTS ON WEDNESDAYS BY PASTOR BIBBS ON FACEBOOK, ETC., BIBLE STUDY AT 7:00 BY REV, RACHEL SATTERFIELD OUR MINISTER OF MISSIONS AND MINISTRY EVERY THURSDAY AT 7:00 p.m. and all studies are still going  by teleconference. Chaplain Dr. Andrea Kelly our director of Congregation and Spiritual Care Ministry leads us in prayer on Wednesdays at 12:00 Noon. The Ministers and Deacons join in for a midweek open celebration of prayer and meditation led by Chaplain Kelly. Thanks to our Board Chair Deacon Douglas Hicks who recommended us uniting in prayer weekly. What great prayer warriors they are. Chaplain Kelly also leads the church-wide prayer service every Saturday at 7:00 p.m. with an opening congregational meditation moment. Church School lessons were taught weekly during the 3-year Covid 19 and still are going strong. The Church School Teachers are:  Deacon Edward Greenhill, Deacon Ronnie West, Deacon Oscar Taylor, Deacon Mary Lou Brent, Deaconess Patricia Campbell, Sister Mae Gabbin, Rev. Rachel Satterfield and Christian Ed leader Rev. Joe Young and Rev. Tracy Clark Substitutes. In addition, these are some OTHER things we were able to do during the pandemic from 2020 and still with God's direction.

1. Renovate and open up the SIXTH BAPTIST CHURCH COMMUNITY MISSION CENTER, 2204 IDLEWOOD AVENUE. Dedicated to God in October 2020.

2. Appoint Rev. Tracy Clark as the Director of the Center

3. Hire a Pastor and Church Assistant, Ms. Mia Eley

4. Celebrate the Pastor’s 20th Anniversary with a parade and festivities held on the church parking lot in May 2021.

5. January 2023, first combined Ushers’ Anniversary since 2020. Speaker, Rev. Gina Whitaker. Morning Service

6. February, 2023 Gospel Chorus celebrated their Anniversary during morning service.

7. Senior Choir celebrated their Anniversary during morning service with singers from other choirs uniting in March 2023

8. Fleming Memorial Male Chorus celebrated their Anniversary during a morning service in March, 2023

9. First Easter service in the church sanctuary, April 2023 since Covid 19.

10. Pastor’s 22nd Anniversary Celebration with Rev. Dr. Lester Frye, son of the church May, 2023 morning worship

11. Deacon, Deaconess and Trustee's Anniversary, 2023 with Rev. Tommy Drayton, son of the church morning worship

12. WE ARE IN OUR 100TH CHURCH YEAR, 1923 – 2023

So thankful to our Almighty God again for the great celebration of our Deacons, Deaconess and Trustees the first Sunday morning in June, 2023. The greatest workers/leaders among these three Ministries are Deacon Douglas Hicks, Chairman, Deacon’s Ministry, Deaconess Geneva Tuner, Chairperson, Deaconess Ministry, Trustee Howard Glenn and Trustee Michael Pearson, Co-leaders. During June, in preparation for the summer break, it was time for graduation Sunday of all graduates for 2023. They were: Post Graduates Dr. Andree Aboite College Graduates Andre P. Aboite Mikhele Glenn Miles Hill James Mayo Mary Gabriella Williams Joelle Young High School Landon Glenn Ayana Parker Brealyn Thomas Middle School Ebony Harvey Shawn Johnson Deshaun Keys Terrell Marshall Kyla Chantel West The months of June, July, August and September were very hot so we did not have Sunday Park and Praise Sunday Services on our church parking lot this summer as we did in years 2021 and 2022. Hope to have worship at least one Sunday before the cold weather comes. The purpose pf outside worship Sunday Service is to spread the word of God outside of the four walls. June, July and August also the Sixth Baptist Community Mission Center is expanding weekly and many people in the community and Richmond Area are blessed by our mission to help all who are in need. The church voted in July, 2023 to begin a new phase continuing renovations an additions to serve more and to use the new addition for other areas. Rev. Tracy Clark is the Director with many great volunteers. The following people have united as members of the Sixth Church between the months of January 2023-September 2023. They are: Lakeisha Williams Shakera Chavis-Harris Malcolm Langston Freeman Carolyn Jean Williams Bridget Edmonds Pamela Thomas KaNyla Harris VaKaylan Harris London Piper Kayla Randolph Jaquan Boyd, Jr Bria Smith Akil Bailey Our 100th Church Home-coming was Sunday, October 1st, 2023. We celebrated the beginning worship for the first time with A Hymn Concert entitled “ALL HAIL THE POWER OF JESUS NAME HYMN CONCERT.” Pastor Bibbs preached from the subject: "Why We Need Church".

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